NitraPro Care Sheet

Caring for your bottle

Is it dishwasher safe?

Just like with most double-walled vacuum insulated bottles, we do not recommend that you use your NitraPro Bottle in the dishwasher to ensure its longevity.

How should I clean the bottle

After using the bottle, depending on the toughness of your protein powder or contents of your drink, a rinse with minimum amount of soap will suffice. The bottle will not hold onto foul smells but make sure there are no remains of your drink left after using.

Known issues

Spinning cap

With the cold transit temperatures, the ring around the bottle cap may be loose. Allow the bottle to settle at room temperature and rotate the cap for it to settle back into its firm place.

To resolve this issue in steps:

  1. Have your bottle at room temperature.
  2. Keep rotating the ring in a single direction while holding the base of your bottle in your other hand.
  3. The lid will start to sit firmly.
  4. Keep repeating steps until firmly affixed.

Reinforcing the bond

If you would like to add your own adhesive, we recommend simple super glue to do so.

  1. Place super-glue around the metallic part of the bottle on the inside.
  2. Slide the metallic ring over the plastic and press until it fully covers the top of the bottle.
If you have continued problems with this, please contact us at