How to Create the Perfect Protein Shake

IIn the world of fitness, lifting weights, and exercise there has risen a staple in everyone’s routine. It is the protein shake.


Protein shakes are essentially a powdered form of protein derived from the whey or casein in milk. There are others that are derived from the proteins in plants as well. Regardless of the source, they are super convenient and really help people with their nutritional goals. Whereas before people were scurrying to find a source of protein to add in during the day, now they have shakes. Individuals can grab a scoop of protein mix it with water, milk, or juice and BOOM. You now have a convenient source of protein.

What to Choose

Yes, shakes are great! However, some end up being better than others in a few ways. Some mix better, some taste better, and some have higher quality ingredients. There is a massive market for protein shake supplements so there are plenty of options, but this can make choosing one difficult. There are three very popular brands that have consistently delivered quality protein powders.

There are:

  • Ascent Protein
  • Earth-Fed Muscle Protein
  • Optimum Nutrition Protein
While these companies sell other supplements as well, they really have high-quality proteins. They mix well, they taste good, and they have clean ingredients.

Creating the Best Shake

As discussed, not all shakes are created equal. This can be due to the product used, or to a user error. Not everyone knows how to put together a tasty shake. It doesn’t always have to be powder and water.

This will often depend on your lifestyle and goals, but if you are looking for the perfect post-workout shake it needs to look something like this:

  • 1–2 scoops of high-quality protein
  • 1 piece or serving of fruit
  • Maybe a source of fat

Again, some may be looking for a lower calorie option, but this is going to create a full circle shake. It is going to cover all the gaps for almost a full meal. Having the protein is great, but adding in the carbs from fruit will help to recharge you. The fats can help to add some flavor and nutritional density to the shake. This is a shake that would need to be blended so that the fruit gets mixed in well. However, from there you could move this into a shaker bottle for easy transportation.

If you are someone who is traveling a lot and needs to have this stuff super portable, a normal shaker bottle may not do. Most shakers are plastic and don’t keep things cold for extended periods of time.

Try leaving a shake in your hot car for a few hours, you’ll have to throw the whole thing out. There is however a new shaker bottle coming to the market called the NitraPro Protein Shaker Bottle. This shaker bottle is stainless steel and is great for keeping shakes cold. If you want to put together a perfect shake, but you don’t plan on having it for a good while, then this will be perfect. It will not only keep everything cool, but it is also the coolest looking shaker on the market! If you have ever left a shaker bottle with protein in it for too long, you will have experienced the terrible smell that gets left behind. With the NitraPro, smalls aren’t absorbed into the stainless steel. This means that you can re-use it even after you ferment a shake in it.

Here’s how the NitraPro bottle works…

How the NitraPro Bottle works and how it keeps your beverage fresh

Want a similar shake to the perfect shake, but don’t want to blend anything? You can use the same protein powder, milk or water, and a dextrose supplement and mix them together in the NitraPro. Without having to blend anything you will get a lot of protein and some carbs for energy from the dextrose powder.

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If you are looking for a great set of guidelines for a shake, use these. This model can be tweaked for some awesome recipes! Having access to a blender helps a lot, but you don’t HAVE to have one. You can still take simple ingredients and mix them into a shaker such as the NitraPro bottle for outstanding results.

Having a NitraPro shaker will also allow you to take some more protein on the road without it spoiling or getting warm. So check them out here if you would like to get yourself one!

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